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Thanks to advances in information technology, we now have a world of information at our fingertips just waiting to be downloaded. The topics of information on the internet are near infinite. Depth of knowledge ranges from the amateur rantings of the layperson to the highly organized academic theses of top experts for any given field. Not long ago, less than a generation back in fact, the answers to our questions were best answered (or not) by the closest encyclopedia. New editions were published every year, but this does not compete with the frequency of today’s internet resources, which can be updated by the minute. For these reasons, the internet is a perfect place to learn more about practically anything. Learning drums is certainly no exception.

The internet is home to countless websites about learning to play the drums. They range from the basic, beginning with instruction on how to select and assemble the proper equipment and hold the sticks, to the more advanced techniques and complex skills. You can find information in a variety of forms as well. Specialized forums invite musicians to post questions and answers, advice, product reviews and much more. Blogs can be another source of education, as they often contain links to quality resources, informational posts and sometimes even video how-to segments for certain skills. Video sites can also be of great benefit, providing exposure to musicians and performances worldwide that may be inaccessible in person.

It is helpful for musicians that are learning drums online to stay organized. Keep a dedicated folder on your computer for video and sound clips, and any interesting articles and reports that you find in your explorations. Make sure and bookmark valuable sites that you find for easy reference. Keep a text document up to date with random tips and information that you come across.

Online information also comes in the form of ebooks, or books written and delivered in a downloadable format as opposed to the traditional print book. Thousands of ebooks can be found on the topic of learning drums. Remember to keep any of the information that you download in a place where you can reference it quickly.

When you are using the internet, or any computer materials, to practice your drumming, you might want to use a drum pad instead of a full-sized drum to save space. You can also burn videos that you purchase to DVD so that you can watch them on your television, if this will give you more room, especially if you want to work on your drum set skills.

Professional musicians and educators have also begun to use the internet for online courses and training modules that incorporate text and video in a course format to develop skills in lieu of in-person lessons. Here we will take a look at a few of the specific resources that you can use to advance your knowledge of playing the drums.

YouTube – Sure, YouTube has plenty of young drummers showing off their skills and playing around with a video camera. It also has some legitimately talented musicians and teachers giving free mini-lessons and demonstrations that can widen your experience in the world of drumming.

How To Play Drums.com, HowToDrum.com, Learn To Play Drums.com, Learn How To Play Drums.com, Drum Lessons.net – These “how to” sites all have search functions that allow you to look for information on learning drums and related topics.

VicFirth.com, Remo.com, DWDrums.com, PearlDrums.com, MapexDrums.com, Ayottedrums.com– These sites, and others like them, are the homes for the leading names in the manufacture of percussion equipment. They have sections of educational resources, sometimes with play-along videos and sound clips that allow you to see and hear what you’ve learned applied to actual instruments.

FreeDrumLessons.com Drum Forums – The benefit of this site is the forum is available for drummers to chat about anything and everything related to drumming. You can register on this forum for free, and post any questions that you have, often receiving a fast, friendly, and helpful response.

Online drum set lessons are readily available as well. Some sites offer videos only, while others have printable worksheets that accompany their lessons for playing and learning notated drum music. There are sites that offer a series of lessons for a one-time fee, and others that charge a monthly subscription for content. Of course some of the best information is offered for free, like all of the links listed above.

Whether you are just beginning to learn to play the drums, or are a seasoned musician just looking to sharpen your chops, you can find tons of resources online that are worth taking a look.

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