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Learn To Play Rock Drums!

Almost anyone who has ever seen a rock band perform live on stage has thought that it looks like the band’s rock drummer is having a lot of fun. Rock drummers have been portrayed in movies and the media for decades as being glamorous and living sensational lifestyles. There are many different styles of playing the drum set, but rock drumming definitely stands out as one of the most exciting. Rock beats have become recognizably associated with particular hit songs, and the name of the rock drummer of a band is often just as well known as that of the lead singer. Rock drumming has definitely evolved into its own distinct art form since the early days of rock and roll. It is no wonder that many young musicians learning to play the drums want to learn to drum in the rock style. At some point in time, every drummer has thought about becoming a rock star and performing with a rock band that rises to celebrity status.

Once you have developed some hand and foot independence and coordination, and are familiar with the most common drum grooves, you might want to start exploring the specific technique and style components of rock music. You can begin playing rock drum music in as little as a few minutes, but mastering the skills that you will need to become a truly proficient rock drummer takes a great deal of dedication and many hours of
focused practice.

Drumming SystemAs with learning any style of drumming, the first thing that you should do is to develop an aural impression of a variety of rock musicians. This simply means that you want to be able to call to mind a number of sounds and beats associated with rock drumming. In order to accomplish this, time must be spent listening to recordings of rock music and live performances by as many bands as you can find. Don’t limit your experiences to the radio, or to the contemporary recording groups in the world of rock music. Listen to as wide a variety of musicians as possible, from classic rock recording artists to independent rock musicians and local groups. The more groups (and drummers) that you have the chance to hear, the wider the range of your musical experience that you are able to draw from when you are in the role of performer yourself.

A great (and fun!) way to start learning rock drumming is by sitting at a drum set with your favorite rock group playing and trying to imitate the drummer’s grooves, solos, and fills. Pay attention to the underlying pulse of the music. Rock drummers must have an exceptional sense of timing in order to keep the beat for the group. Practice playing along and copying the drummer and eventually you will find yourself keeping up through an entire number.

When you are ready to learn some specifics, you might consider hiring a professional rock musician to go through a couple of lessons with you. Working one on one with a professional is one of the best ways to learn, since you can watch the musician in action up close and personal, ask questions, and imitate their technique. You can learn from music educators, jazz band directors, and even rock musicians involved with the local music scene. If there are not many available professional drummers in your area, or if your budget constraints are too tight for this option, there is another solution. There are some great rock drumming dvds out there on the market today. One of these methods, Jared Falk’s Rock Drumming System, comes highly recommended as an outstanding complete guide to learning rock drumming. This complete system comes bundled with four different method books, four accompanying DVDs, and play along tracks so that you can start playing like the pros from your very first lesson.

Of course there are many different styles of rock music, and a well-rounded rock drummer will have some knowledge of a variety of musical styles. The more experience you have with these different styles, the larger technical and musical vocabulary you have to draw from in your own performance experiences. Learning to play rock drums can be fun and challenging, and you can begin to be a successful drummer in this style after only a few practice sessions. Rock drumming allows you to be creative and discover your own musical style as you explore the styles of the musicians that have built rock drumming into the legacy that it is today.

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