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Drumming System

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It's 2008. Babies born today will know more about technology by the time they are five than you and I probably know right now. Technology has affected every part of our life and will likely continue to do so as we move on into the future. We are entertained differently than before; we eat differently; we buy different fuel; we even learn differently! And why shouldn't we? If there are faster, more effective ways to go about the daily grind, why shouldn't we take advantage of them. If you're trying to learn how to play the drums, get with the 21st century; learn how to play drums from DVDs!

Drums are likely one of the most complex instruments to learn how to master. They require the deft skills of using hands, eyes, and feet, plus one's internal rhythmic pulse to produce sound – all working together at different times! In the past, beginners would buy a method book, sit down with their drum pad, and try their best to figure out from the text what they were supposed to do. If one is taught how to play drums incorrectly in the very beginning, it can be difficult to correct later in their musical career. Drumming with improper hand position, posture, or learning notes incorrectly can be a detriment to the beginning musician.

Fortunately, there is a much better way. Instructional courses on DVD can have you or the musician in your life playing with the band in no time at all. These marvels on modern science are produced in such a way that student musicians can sit down with the drum instructor as if he was in their own home! A lesson of this type typically begins with some music theory. First, the instructor covers the basics: things like hand position for different sticking results, posture, and the proper environment one should maintain for effective learning. Then, he or she will demonstrate a pattern or technique, allow the viewer to copy the procedure, and repeat a time or two. The good thing about learning how to play drums from a DVD is that you can pause, rewind, fast forward, or re-visit a specific technique at any time, as often as you'd like. You can't do that with a real live tutor!

The contents of the DVD will vary depending on what system you buy and what your expected outcome is. Most systems that teach you how to play the drums on DVD will have several installments based on the technique you'd like to learn. There are lessons on basics, for beginners, Latin drumming, Rock drumming, jazz drumming, snare drum rudiments, double bass drumming... the list goes on and on. Each DVD will have a menu with chapters where you can view, like a table of contents, the list of skills you will learn from the DVD.

Now that you've decided on the specific skill you'd like to master, how do you choose the right DVD series that will help you learn how to play the drums like a professional? The easy answer is: Get a professional! Do a little research on the DVD series and find out who the producers are behind the information. The people demonstrating the techniques shouldn't be actors and actresses; they should be clinicians and professors. A good system I found is Mike Michalkow's “Drumming System” series. Mike Michalkow is a master in his field, and well respected by world-famous musicians. You want to make sure the people instructing you are top-notch, so make sure that's a factor in your decision to purchase.

Michalkow's system includes Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced training packs that guide you every step of the way. Every technique is showed from four camera angles and played at two different tempos so you get the most out of the lesson. A good training DVD should also come with books as well as DVDs, which this one does, so you can see the music you're making in print. This will help you learn how to read music as well, if you don't already.

The benefits of purchasing and learning how to play drums from a DVD are numerous. Professional tutors can be difficult to find and are often pretty pricey if they're really an expert in their field. If you're looking for a time- and cost-effective way to hone your craft, consider learning how to play drums from a DVD. Step into the century of technology!

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Drumming System

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